My Fragile Ego

When you are upsetIs it a reaction to an injured ego?No other being is responsible for the preservation of your sense of identityRealizations about yourself are par for the course and may arise due to the natural expression of your fellow being. The ego is … Continue readingMy Fragile Ego

Exploring Shadow

Astrological transits are waking us up! Remember that shadow is just an area of you awaiting the light, drink it in.

Transiting Matter(s)

Transiting Matter(s) after days and weeks of buildingsweet relief comes swiftlypressure that has built to a crescendofades away into the cosmic recycling bin planetary movements move mountainswithin us habitual patterns of thinkingand actingand feelinghave talons clutching internal organstearing soft flesh from bone aching and yearning … Continue readingTransiting Matter(s)