Taking Back YOU

Having a personal identity is not a given. At times it can be challenging to know where you begin and end, don't get discouraged. We must remain in a constant state of vigilance in order to maintain some semblance of center. We are all empathic … Continue readingTaking Back YOU

Sag Sun Speaks

Your ideologies will inevitably fail you, for they are only ideas brought to an extreme degree.Fires burn bright and devour forests, the remains leave nutrients to be re absorbed into the soil, food for future expressions.The raw material of your soul devours religion, philosophy, and … Continue readingSag Sun Speaks

Transiting Matter(s)

Transiting Matter(s) after days and weeks of buildingsweet relief comes swiftlypressure that has built to a crescendofades away into the cosmic recycling bin planetary movements move mountainswithin us habitual patterns of thinkingand actingand feelinghave talons clutching internal organstearing soft flesh from bone aching and yearning … Continue readingTransiting Matter(s)

Hold Your Value

Being authentic has somehow becomes dangerous in our worldThere are fashion, etiquette, and gender stereotypes and moresPeople are told who and what to honor and supportSome are judged simply for the appearance of their skin or preference of sexual partnerI have my own personal preferences … Continue readingHold Your Value

The Seas of Change :: Let it go, Let it die // Recovering from a Catholic Upbringing

Life is temporary… You will die… then something else will happen.  I am not asinine enough to pretend to know what that will be. Being raised Catholic in a working class family, it was ‘important’ to follow rules, play it safe, and not challenge the … Continue readingThe Seas of Change :: Let it go, Let it die // Recovering from a Catholic Upbringing