My Fragile Ego

When you are upsetIs it a reaction to an injured ego?No other being is responsible for the preservation of your sense of identityRealizations about yourself are par for the course and may arise due to the natural expression of your fellow being. The ego is … Continue readingMy Fragile Ego

Taking Back YOU

Having a personal identity is not a given. At times it can be challenging to know where you begin and end, don't get discouraged. We must remain in a constant state of vigilance in order to maintain some semblance of center. We are all empathic … Continue readingTaking Back YOU

The Undercurrent

Something is transferred every time you communicate, and it is not always represented by words or even body movements. It’s also not about currency exchange or any material object changing hands.    It’s a subtle undertone that we carry within us. Each of us has … Continue readingThe Undercurrent


We are all poets, dancers, lovers, teachersGurus and psychicsPhilosophers with answers No one is hereTo be placed in a boxTo be a slave to a systemOr be harassed by the cops You are not your jobYou are not your careerYou are not your moneyYou are … Continue readingEn(live)in