Don’t Push

Beware of attempting to understand another. Although you may be fascinated by the workings of another’s mind or their actions, it is neither your job or right to dissect them. Understanding comes through time, through cycles, through experience. When you allow an individual to be … Continue readingDon’t Push

Taking Back YOU

Having a personal identity is not a given. At times it can be challenging to know where you begin and end, don't get discouraged. We must remain in a constant state of vigilance in order to maintain some semblance of center. We are all empathic … Continue readingTaking Back YOU

Sag Sun Speaks

Your ideologies will inevitably fail you, for they are only ideas brought to an extreme degree.Fires burn bright and devour forests, the remains leave nutrients to be re absorbed into the soil, food for future expressions.The raw material of your soul devours religion, philosophy, and … Continue readingSag Sun Speaks


We are all poets, dancers, lovers, teachersGurus and psychicsPhilosophers with answers No one is hereTo be placed in a boxTo be a slave to a systemOr be harassed by the cops You are not your jobYou are not your careerYou are not your moneyYou are … Continue readingEn(live)in

Hold Your Value

Being authentic has somehow becomes dangerous in our worldThere are fashion, etiquette, and gender stereotypes and moresPeople are told who and what to honor and supportSome are judged simply for the appearance of their skin or preference of sexual partnerI have my own personal preferences … Continue readingHold Your Value

Flag on the Play

Flags don’t represent anything, unless you want them to. I have never been in the military and I have also never been in the NFL. ¬†One is a personal choice and the other might have something to do with my 5’4″ 125 lb frame. Regardless, … Continue readingFlag on the Play