Welcome to Sagittarius

November 21st @ 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific The sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, finishing up it's journey through Scorpio. The expose of our underworld continues as Jupiter rules Sag and Jupiter transits Scorpio. Where now does the viewfinder turn? Perhaps towards the underbelly of organized religion, or the mania of evangelism.   Whatever the … Continue reading Welcome to Sagittarius

Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

Were you born between October 1987 and the start of 1989? During the years of 1987-1988, Saturn and Uranus traveled together through the stars in late degrees of Sag and early degrees of Capricorn. This combination leads to an intense power to see the balance of authority and revolution. Depending on the emphasis of either … Continue reading Saturn Trine Uranus // 11.11.17

Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscopes // House by House Breakdown

Transitioning in 10.10.17 If you are feeling a shift today, noticing a darkening of your awareness, let it be known that you are transitioning. From the activated air of Libra to the fixed deep dark waters of Scorpio. What you think and feel at this moment is similar to the physical experience of scuba diving … Continue reading Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscopes // House by House Breakdown

Power Packed Full Moon in Aries // 10.5 It’s Coming Together

What in the world has been going on in the world?  Over the last few weeks we have been building towards this full moon in Aries.  One of my favorite moons of the year (yes StarMan does have favorite #astronerd).  My favorite part of the Aries moon is the activation of latent energies and a … Continue reading Power Packed Full Moon in Aries // 10.5 It’s Coming Together

Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th

Discipline / Sensitivity / Patience / Appropriate Self Expression Mercury square Saturn Typified by a restrictive feeling mentally, this aspect can lead to arguments.  On the other hand, it is not uncommon for this combination to build bridges or lay the foundation for future connections.  The key to mastering this aspect is to stay calm, … Continue reading Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th