AstroHealing Sessions with James are an opportunity to be seen in supported in ways that will have you loving yourself as you unfold. A combination of intuitive messages and astrological expertise, James is here to help you reach your personal goals (Scroll down to read about his services)

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**Readings are done over Phone or Zoom.**




Natal Chart Reading

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The natal chart is a snapshot, a moment in time.  Many things can be gleaned from the astrology chart.  Through taking a deeper look at the messages from your individual chart, James will use his intuitive gifts to support your most practical and empowering path forward.

15 Minutes – $50 // 30 Minutes – $90 // 1 hour – $175

Synastry Reading

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Compatibility is important, we all have innate tendencies.  Whether it is a child, partner, love interest, or a potential business parter, the stars tell a story.  In this session, James will look at the charts of your interest and offer you a refreshing and honest perspective on the potential gifts and challenges of a particular relationship.

1 hour – $195 // 30 Minutes – $100

AstroCartography Sessions


Are you thinking of moving, traveling, or just want to understand why some places feel better than others?  The energies of the planets have a distinct layout for each one of us.  James will carefully take into account the planetary positions and aspects in your natal chart, the current transits of sed planets, and their dynamic interplay with the map.  You will learn about places to go, places to see, and perhaps even places to avoid.  This goes much deeper than traveling or moving, the keys to your personal unfolding may lie in certain places on this beautiful planet.

1 hour – $195