**Readings are done over Skype or Phone.  Classes over Skype with screenshare. With all readings and classes you will receive a recording and an emailed copy of your Natal Chart and Handouts.**

***Check in services can also be done VIA facebook chat or text.  You will be emailed a transcript of the conversation afterwards***

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Check in Services

This is for when you have a burning question and really need it answered.  These sessions are shorter but can be scheduled often within a few hours.  For availability please fill out form at the bottom of page with chart info and your issue at hand, I will get back to you quickly.

15 Minutes – $50

20 Minutes – $65

Email Readings

These will allow you to ask James a question, or two, or three and allow him to sit and study your chart, tap into his intuitive gifts, and meditate on your predicament.  James will be thorough and cover all the bases.  You will be emailed a link to a video of James walking you through the ins and outs of the case at hand.  **These can also be received as a document (written) or audio file (Mp3)**

1 Question – $65

2 Questions – $110

3 Questions – $150

Natal Chart Reading

The natal chart is a snapshot, a moment in time.  Many things can be gleaned from the astrology chart.  Through taking a deeper look at the messages from your individual chart, James will use his intuitive gifts to support your most practical and empowering path forward.

1 hour – $175  

30 minutes – $90

Synastry Reading

Compatibility is important, we all have innate tendencies.  Whether it is a child, partner, love interest, or a potential business parter, the stars tell a story.  In this session, James will look at the charts of your interest and offer you a refreshing and honest perspective on the potential gifts and challenges of a particular relationship.

1 hour – $195

30 Minutes – $100

AstroCartography Sessions

Are you thinking of moving, traveling, or just want to understand why some places feel better than others?  The energies of the planets have a distinct layout for each one of us.  James will carefully take into account the planetary positions and aspects in your natal chart, the current transits of sed planets, and their dynamic interplay with the astrocartographic map.  You will learn about places to go, places to see, and perhaps even places to avoid.  This goes much deeper than traveling or moving, the keys to your personal unfolding may lie in certain places on this beautiful planet.

1 hour – $195

AstroTherapy Ongoing Support

Life is forever changing, as are you.  Specific transits can symbolize upheavals and unexpected shifts.  Working through trauma from past and current lives is nothing to go through alone.  Through staying in touch with James, you will have access to continued support and a very special eye of unconditional love.  James is dedicated to the well being of his Astro loves and holds a special space for a limited number of beautiful souls.

Interested in more details?  Connect with James and let’s see if this fits.

Email for pricing and availability

Private Tutoring with James

Learning Astrology is a constant unfolding.  When you have the bug for it, it can be difficult to know where to start and what to study next.  In private sessions with James, you will receive handouts, homework, and book recommendations to foster your growth as the cosmic student that you are.  Within our classes, James will use the charts of your choosing to teach you the ins and outs of reading and interpreting.  As all individuals have a different learning style, all sign ups receive a free 10 minute initial consult to establish a curriculum.

Intro to the Planets, Houses, and Signs – The basis of the Astrological lexicon, James will walk you through these aspects over three 1 hour classes.  Handouts and homework will be given.

Class One :: Planets and Symbolism

Class Two :: Signs of the Zodiac

Class Three :: Houses and their Expression

Three 1-hour Classes – $425

Single Class of Choice – $165

Reading Charts 101 – The chart is filled with symbols and numbers, enough to make your head spin.  Within these three classes, James will show you the basics to reading and interpreting the chart.  With an eye for your learning, James will offer his expertise and critical insight to hone your skills.

Class One :: Read your own Natal chart

Class Two :: Reading Transits

Class Three :: Reading Synastry/Compatibility

Three 1-hour Classes – $425

Single Class of Choice – $165

An Open Mind – want to pick James’ brain?  Tap into his astrological wisdom?  Well, this is for you.  With this single class, you have the opportunity to define your parameters.  Prior to our class, you will give James your questions and queries.  James will prepare and during our class he will give you his take on your interests.  At any time, you can take James on a tangent and follow your interest as they organically arrive, he is happy to share the sacred teaching space.

1 Hour – $185

90 Minutes – $270