2017 put me through the wringer.  I began with lofty goals, an open heart, and all the practical plans to make things happen.  To make things short, year’s end found me in a completely unexpected place physically, financially, professionally and emotionally.  My entire world view had shifted.  For the first time in my adult life, I really couldn’t do things alone, I needed help from many different angles in all of these fields.

Humbling to say the least, I am excited to create an opportunity for others to feel supported in much the same way as I did this last year.

As we step into Aquarius season, this is where the humanitarian rubber meets the road.  Consider sharing this special or offering something similar yourself.  Basically, let’s not let money get in the way of sharing our gifts, cause I know you have them.


Donation Based Sessions

Once you fill out this form, you will receive a confirmation response via email with a special code for booking and scheduling your session.  You will receive 100% of the love and wisdom that I share with all beings.  There is no shame in seeking assistance, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having more or less money.

Xx I am grateful and blessed to share my gifts, thank you for your trust and openness xX