Don’t Push

Beware of attempting to understand another. Although you may be fascinated by the workings of another’s mind or their actions, it is neither your job or right to dissect them. Understanding comes through time, through cycles, through experience. When you allow an individual to be … Continue readingDon’t Push

Spirals of Time

Connection is the fabric of the universe. Interwoven into every cell is the interwoven quality of existing effortlessly. The mind races and seeks qualifications for indeterminable subsets of self created categories. Spewing words and ideas, judgements and dramas until an entire reality has been constructed … Continue readingSpirals of Time

My Fragile Ego

When you are upsetIs it a reaction to an injured ego?No other being is responsible for the preservation of your sense of identityRealizations about yourself are par for the course and may arise due to the natural expression of your fellow being. The ego is … Continue readingMy Fragile Ego

Exploring Shadow

Astrological transits are waking us up! Remember that shadow is just an area of you awaiting the light, drink it in.