Jupiter Square Pluto // 11.21-24th

Jupiter Square Pluto – Nov 21 – 24th ((exact 24th))

Happens once every 3-4 years.  Two other dates this year due to retrograde pattern.

Passions ignited.  Amazing energy for personal agenda, a time to move forward with that which inspires you ((Jupiter)).  Beware, however, of seeking power at any cost ((Pluto)).

Squares are often described as challenging because of the lessons we must integrate.  The two aspects are separate entities and the blending required involves new revelations and perhaps some ego death.  The energy of Jupiter is very intense ((Pluto)) during this transit.  Windfalls and bankruptcy are possible during this time.  If you gamble, the stakes are higher now ((do it at your own risk)).

Beware of ideological warfare ((politics/religion/dietary preferences)) when in intimate or close quarters ((thanksgiving!!!!)).  If you are interested in starting trouble and making a mess, here is your opportunity to blow up the dinner table.  People will be ready to vehemently defend themselves.  Remember, they are allowed to defend what YOU may find ignorant, give them that space and things will work themselves out.


Venus comes through on the 25th and 26th, crossing Pluto and squaring Jupiter.  If you feel like you opened some wounds in the name of passion, the Venus transit offers you the chance for reconciliation, joy, forgiveness, and good feelings.  ((Watch out for overindulgence this weekend))

Xx From chaos comes clarity, feel free to make a mess xX

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