A Story of Awakening

My name is James Ray.  I stand here now, on the verge of my 36th solar return.  I am a crystal enthusiast, tree and cactus hugging, astrological counselor and intuitive healer.  I pull cards everyday, I journal until I cry, I seek wisdom from oracles and tarot cards.  It hasn't been that long that I … Continue reading A Story of Awakening

Solstice Wisdom // Words from the Inner Sun

The winter solstice is a symbolic time for everyone.  Regardless of your religious or metaphysical orientation, it is a time when the Sun, the behemoth burning star which gives us life, seemingly changes directions in the sky.  Astronomically represented by the declination reaching it's southern most point (lowest point in the sky), the sun seems … Continue reading Solstice Wisdom // Words from the Inner Sun

Sag Sun Speaks

Your ideologies will inevitably fail you, for they are only ideas brought to an extreme degree.Fires burn bright and devour forests, the remains leave nutrients to be re absorbed into the soil, food for future expressions.The raw material of your soul devours religion, philosophy, and experience. Using the combustible energy to fuel the journey, to … Continue reading Sag Sun Speaks