Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th

Discipline / Sensitivity / Patience / Appropriate Self Expression Mercury square Saturn Typified by a restrictive feeling mentally, this aspect can lead to arguments.  On the other hand, it is not uncommon for this combination to build bridges or lay the foundation for future connections.  The key to mastering this aspect is to stay calm, … Continue reading Astro Forecast // Monday September 25th

Ode to the Virgo New Moon // 9-19-17

virgo moon expresses emotions with words and thoughts, activating the further and deeper expression of repressed and sleeping patterns. The habits of the deep and uninhabited place become flooded with uniquely pointed awareness during the new moon in Virgo. Love is abstract / at best we lie / in bed / to ourselves / just … Continue reading Ode to the Virgo New Moon // 9-19-17

Shifting Perspective

Finding the root of ones suffering is a constant endeavor. We can dance with the shadow til the cows come home. As we appear to be individuals, nothing could be further from the truth. Our individual expression is more of a lens than anything. A looking glass through which we peer into the vast expanse … Continue reading Shifting Perspective

New Beginnings September 6th // keep up the good work

Mercury will end its retrograde period and enter Promethean Direct Cycle September 6-8th ((beginning a direct cycle lasting until December 2nd -- the next mercury retrograde, this time in Sag))This is the time when mercury is its furthest distance behind the sun yet moving forward. The energy shift will be from that of "oh dear … Continue reading New Beginnings September 6th // keep up the good work

Mercury Rx Continues // August 28th

Mercury in Rx continues to stifle the positive imagination, choosing instead to access, understand, and eliminate both existing and potential issues from the conscious and subconscious mind.  Within the sign of Virgo, this is the never ending work.  Pay attention and remain disciplined to receive the benefits.  It may also help to toughen up your … Continue reading Mercury Rx Continues // August 28th

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius // August 2017 // Collective and Individual Lessons

Wait Starman! Why are you writing about this lunar eclipse now, isn't the solar eclipse coming soon?  Why yes, internal dialogue, it is, but often times in life things take time to develop, and eclipse patterns are one area where you don't want to jump the gun.  Eclipses are long term lessons for the whole … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius // August 2017 // Collective and Individual Lessons